Brick Wall: Thomas O’Malley of Ireland and Louisiana

The family of my great grandfather is one of my most impermeable brick walls. Charles Francis O’Malley was born 1876 in Louisiana and went west to New Mexico in around 1900, where he married Augusta Fleck.  I know his parents names and quite a bit about his possible maternal ancestry, which includes Irish revolutionaries and Cajuns.  But Charles’ paternal ancestry, and a personal connection with that branch of the family are missing.  I chip away at it this way and that, and have pieced together bits and pieces.

I have some information from the Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church records and from the Census.  The family of Mary Burke is based mostly on help from some kind descendants of some of Mary Burke’s siblings.  And although I am so glad for their help, I have not yet seen the proof that Mary Burke who married Thomas O’Malley is the same person as Mary Rosa Burke, d/o Judge Junius Burke and Alexandrine Millet.

Here is the lineage I have documentation for:

1.  Thomas O’Malley and Ellen McDermot of Ireland, were parents of

2.  Thomas O’Malley, b. 1837, Ireland; emigrated 1850; worked as a Levee Contractor d. possibly sometime around 1900 in Ascension County, Louisiana,

m1. 1865 Katherine ‘Kate’ Rush b. 1849, Ireland; d. 1872, Ascension Parish, LA; d/o Thomas Rush & Katherine Gaffney, both b. Ireland.

Children, all b. Ascension Parish, LA

3.1 John O’Malley b. 1866 (when his mother was only 16!; don’t know what happened to him)

3.2 Mary ‘Maery’ Anne O’Malley b. 1868; m. Thaddeus A. Dunn; d. probably sometime between 1905 and 1910 in Baton Rouge, LA.

m2. 1874 Mary Burke b. 1850 in Louisiana; d. sometime after 1920

Children, all b. Ascension Parish, LA

3.3  Thomas Archibald O’Malley b. 1875; m. Henrietta Louise O’Rourke; d. after 1956.

3.4  Charles Francis O’Malley b. 1876 ; m. Augusta Fleck; d. 1969 Las Vegas, San Miguel, New Mexico

3.5  Patrick Burke O’Malley b. 1878; maybe alive in 1920 in Biloxi, Mississippi, living with his mother Mary B. O’Malley?


I’ll keep chipping away!


The Dunn families of early 1900s Louisiana

There is some confusion among online genealogies about two families Dunn in Louisiana in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The following is found in the 1910, 1920, and 1930 Federal Census records for Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana.  The marriage of Thadd

These two families are:

Thaddaeus A. Dunn(1873-1944, Baton Rouge, LA, s/0 Elisha T. Dunn & Elizabeth Witherington Dixon)

m. Mary Anne O’Malley (1868, Donaldsonville, Ascension, Louisiana -? betw. 1905 & 1910; d/0 Thomas O’Malley and Katherine Rush)


1. Mary Elizabeth ‘Mamie’ Dunn (1894- ?) m. Hugh Davis Pruyn

2. Katherine Dunn (1895-1979 occupation: Stenographer)

3. Ruth Dunn (1902- ? occup. Office Clerk) m. William Werner

4.  Thaddeus A. Dunn, Jr. (1905 – ?)

This family remains in Baton Rouge, Louisiana from the 1900 census through the 1930.

Sometime between 1905 and 1910, Mary O’Malley Dunn either dies, or she and Thaddeus divorce, at any rate, I don’t find her again.

Thaddeus remarries to Elizabeth (Caulfield?) and they have:

5. Mildred Dunn (1912 – ?)

THE OTHER FAMILY is found in New Orleans, Ward 3, New Orleans, Louisiana:

Michael Dunn (c. 1861- betw. 1910 and 1920 in Louisiana) Occupation: Dry Goods Packer

m. Mary A. ? (c. 1871 in Louisiana)


Mary Dunn (c 1892 – ? in LA) Stenographer in an office

Robert Dunn (1894 – ?) Clerk, cotton

Katie Dunn (c 1896 – ?) Teacher, public school, m. Edward Bannon

Eddie Dunn (c 1898 – ?) rate clerk, railroad

Mildred Dunn (c 1900 – ?) ___keeper, printing co.

Agnes Dunn (c 1903 – ?)

Loretta Dunn (c 1906- ?)

So, both families have daughters named Mary, Kate and Mildred. However, there is a Ruth in the family of Thaddeus, and not in the family of Michael Dunn.

In the 1910 and 1920 census, Thaddeus is remarried, and Mary is widowed.  This, unless they were divorced and she was only claiming to be widowed, is not feasible.  The fact that daughters in both families were stenographers is also confusing, but Thaddeus’ daughter Mary and Michael’s daughter Katie are the stenographers.  Therefore, in the 1930 census of Baton Rouge, when I find ‘H.” Pruyn, married to Hugh Pruyn with sister Katherine Dunn; and with Ruth and William Werner with sister Mildred Dunn living next door to one another in Baton Rouge, it is clear that these are the daughters of Thaddeus Dunn and Mary O’Malley.  It is Michael Dunn’s widow, Mary, living with her children Edward and Mary; next door to daughter Kathryn and her husband Edward Bannon in New Orleans.

Therefore, despite some confusing clues, Kate Dunn, the daughter of Thaddeus Dunn and Mary A. O’Malley of Baton Rouge did NOT marry Edward Bannon; it was the daughter of Michael and Mary Dunn of New Orleans who married Bannon.

Now I just have to figure out what happened to Mary Anne O’Malley’s siblings — other than her brother Charles F. O’Malley, who was my great-grandfather.