Who are these People? from a box of McKendry and Nichols photos

These are some photos that mostly need identification. They come from Ogle, McKendry, Nichols and Shaw families.

A few of the following photos were shared with my by Dennis Shaw, the 2nd great-grandson of Mary McKendry Nichols (via her daughter Mattie Nichols, her daughter Bessie Ogle, and her son Owen Kenneth Shaw, father of Dennis Shaw). My dad is descended from Mattie Nichols’ son William Ogle.

The rest of these photos were shared with me about 7 years ago by a gentleman named Dwight Nichols, who had gotten them from a cousin named Laurence Nichols and they may have come from Laura Nichols as he was the executor of her estate. The moral of the story here, folks, is for pete’s sake! Mark your photos so that when they are separated from you by time and life, they may be identified!

I would like to share these with descendants of the folks in the images, so I’ll reach out to any that I can find, and welcome your comments.

As I said, we have figured out who some of them are, but many are still mysterious. Can you help identify any of these people?

  1. Harmon and Lucretia Nichols.
    Harmon Nichols was born abt 1807 in Loudon County, Virginia. He went to Ohio as a young man, and there he married Lucretia White Nichols, a distant cousin. Lucretia was born 1811 in Belmont County, Ohio. They had five daughters and one son, that I know of. That son was Joel Franklin Nichols, our ancestor, who married Mary Elizabeth McKendry.

    Harmon & Lucretia Nichols

    Harmon Nichols and Lucretia Nichols

  2. John McKendry.
    Brother of Elijah McKendry, son of Archibald McKendry, Revolutionary War Patriot, and his wife Sarah Houghton Crane.

    John McKendry-a

    John McKendry

  3. Mary Elizabeth McKendry Nichols
    I have a number of photos of these two sisters with other people. They were daughters of Elijah McKendry and Susan Kiggen. Mary married Joel Franklin Nichols and had Susan ‘Belle’, George Harmon, William Franklin, and Martha ‘Mattie’ Nichols. Joel went to fight in the Civil War, and it is unclear whether he ever made it home.

    Mary McKendry, George, Lura and Laurence Nichols

    Mary McKendry Nichols, her son George Harmon Nichols (b. 1857) and his oldest and youngest children – Lura Agnes Nichols (b. 1888) and Lawrence Nichols (b. 1909). 

  4. Mattie Nichols Ogle and her children.
    Mattie Nichols (b. 1868, d. about 1895) was the daughter of Mary Elizabeth McKendry and Joel Nichols (she may have had a different father). She married James ‘Kernel’ Ogle and had three or four children: Homer, Harry, Bessie, and William, who may have been the same person as Homer Ogle.

    Mattie Nichols and kids

    Martha ‘Mattie’ Nichols Ogle and her children Bessie, Homer and Harry Ogle.

  5. Bessie Ogle Shaw
    The daughter of Mattie Nichols and James Ogle, she was orphaned and adopted by the Shaw family. Eventually, she married their son and lived a happy life until she died in her 30s of cancer.

    Bessie Ogle Shaw a

    Bessie Ogle Shaw

    BessieShaw Grandma Aunt and son

    Left to Right: Bessie Ogle Shaw (b. 1886), not long before her death; her son Owen Kenneth Shaw (b.  1913), Bessie’s grandmother, Mary Elizabeth McKendry Nichols, and Mary’s sister, Katherine McKendry.

  6. Katherine McKendry
    Mary’s sister, Katherine McKendry appears in many of the photos with Mary. I have not found many records of Katherine, and I don’t know if she ever got married – so maybe some of the folks in the photos are her family. There was also another sister, Adaline. If she is in any of these images, she has not yet been identified.

    Mary McKendry Nichols, Katherine McKendry and others

    Mary McKendry Nichols in the black dress on the left, her sister, Katherine McKendry is the woman wearing glasses.  The other people are all unidentified.

    Mary McK Nichols, Katherine McKendry and others

    Mary McKendry Nichols on the left in the long black coat, her sister, Katherine McKendrie is the woman just to the left of her in the dark coat and hat. The other people are unidentified.

    Two top

    Mary McKendry Nichols, and unknown people.

  7. Leon McKendry
    Leon McKendry was the nephew of Mary and Katherine McKendry. He was the son of their brother, Elijah McKendry and his wife Margaret Davis.
    Leon McKendry
  8. The following images are basically unidentified but belong somehow to this McKendry/Nichols/Shaw/Ogle family. Can you help? Are these your family?

    Girl on a horse.

    Folder 5

    On the back of this photo is a note ‘Taken in 1912’


    Two young women in coats.

    Arlene Mckenzie 1940

    This is marked ‘Arleen McKenzie, 1940’ I don’t know who she is or how she is related.

    08- 3 x 2

    Girl with a dog.

    06- 3 1-2 x 3

    Woman in a hat.

    05- 3 x 2 1-2

    Woman in old fashioned boots.

    04- 3 1-2 x 2 1-2

    Young woman in a garden.

    02-5 1-2 x 3 1-2

    A group of young women. Maybe a class of teachers?

    03- 4 1-2 x 2 1-2

    Family in a garden. Is the older woman the same as the woman in the hat?


    Family with twin babies.

    Two bottom

    Older photo of a family on a porch.

  9. Thanks for any help identifying any of these people!

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