My name is Annie Leonard, and this blog is for sharing some of the mysteries, wild goose chases, stories, and images I’ve dug up as I’ve researched my family history.

When I’m not working on these snippets, I’m being mom, wife, and grandma, and managing an indie bookshop in Knoxville, Iowa.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Ms. Leonard, I do hope you are still active here. I enjoyed reading some of your pages. I write because I wanted to tell you, especially as I see you have a bookshop, of a book I just purchased, which I received in the mail today.
    It is the History of The United States Marine Corp, by Richard S. Collum, published 1890.
    Inside is a bookplate indicating it was once owned by Tom Russell Wyles, he signs it in 1901.
    Then an inscription from Polly Wyles Day, “To Lt James Barry on his wedding day…”

    I am an old Marine officer and have been busily building up a collection of old Marine Corps books.
    This was a very fortunate find for me, as not many were published, made even more so by what I found inside.

    Jerry Bryan McKinney, Jr.
    Captain, USMC

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