Ancestors of Mary Augusta Wyles

My mother is Mary Augusta Wyles, who was born in Birmingham, Michigan, but has lived most of her life in her mother’s home state of New Mexico.  She grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico, where her mother taught school.

Mary Wyles and Lee Fleming on their wedding day, 1963

In 1962, she began attending Highlands University in Las Vegas, NM, and studied music — she was a very fine violinist, in the family tradition.  While at the university, she met Lee Fleming, who hailed from a small town called Farley.  They were married in 1963, and lived in Farley, near his grandparents’ homestead; and later, when he found work as a high school coach, they lived in Taos.  I was born in 1964, and sadly, in 1965 they split and divorced, but each remarried and had more children; so I am blessed with lots of wonderful siblings.

Mary Wyles and Bill Ogle, Stockholm, Sweden, 1967, in their married student housing apartment

In 1966, Mary remarried to her high school sweetheart, William ‘Bill’ Ogle, and they are still married today.  They spent a number of years in Europe — as Bill finished his graduate work in Stockholm, and then did post-doc work in Grenoble, France, and Copenhagen, Denmark.  Mary was always a trooper with learning the languages and how to procure food and make friends in each new country.

Today, Mary and Bill live in Jaconita, New Mexico, near Bill’s mother.

Mary Josephine O'Malley and Tom Russell Wyles, c. 1930s

Mary Augusta Wyles Ogle is the daughter of Mary Josephine O’Malley and Tom Russell Wyles, Jr.

Mary J. O’Malley was called ‘Josie’ by her family and ‘Molly’ by her husband and many friends.  She was born in Las Vegas, New Mexico, and after earning her bachelor’s degree, worked a teacher for many years. After her divorce, she earned her Masters degree in Mathematics to allow her to better support her children.  She lived for many years in Los Alamos, New Mexico.  She was also a published poet, a very accomplished seamstress and all-round craftista, and a voracious reader.

Her husband, Tom R. Wyles, was educated at Shattuck Military Academy in Minnesota, and at Dartmouth College, where he was a member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. He worked in the insurance industry.  He and Molly were divorced in about 1948, and he remarried a woman named Dorothy.  He died in 1980.

Augusta Fleck and Charles O'Malley, 1940s, Las Vegas, NM, in front of their shopMary Josephine O’Malley was the daughter of Augusta Victoria Fleck and Charles Francis O’Malley. They lived in Las Vegas, New Mexico, where she taught music and he ran an electrical sales and repair shop.

Tom R. and Mary Richards Wyles, c. 1904

Tom R. Wyles was the son of Tom Russell Wyles, Sr., and Mary Richards.


2 thoughts on “Ancestors of Mary Augusta Wyles

  1. Dearest Annie, wow!! I just found this, never thought to look myself up online till my old friend Rick told me he couldn’t find me all these years (1963 and on).

    May I say what a nice job you have done here. Please consider changing “a very fine violinist” to a good violinist, as I was never of professional quality or temperament, at least as a soloist. Where did you get that wedding photo of Lee and me? I don’t remember seeing it. You might consider naming him as William Lee Fleming?

    I love you so much, let’s talk and visit more, before it’s too late.

    Your loving and admiring mother.

  2. I’m married to Tom Wyles Day, who is the grandson of Tom Russel Wyles and grandmother Mary Richard Wyles. Tom Day is the son of Anthony Day and Polly Wyles Day. The information about the Wyles Family of Kent (posted on Feb. 13, 2012, by Prairie Wordsmith) confirms everything Tom has told me about his family over the years. I also have some otherl information that might be added to this account. This is exciting! Unfortunately my Tom now has dementia, but he does have three sons–in their fifties–who will be interested in this detailed family history. I would be very happy to hear from Wordsmith to find out about this genealogical service.

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